"Tipsy" – Sonoma International Film Festival 2011


Meet Tipsy, a puppeteered wine bottle character enhanced with photo real animation that sings about the film festival in Sonoma. He loves film. He loves good food. And he loves to drink – a little too much.

“Tipsy” is also the trailer we created for the 2011 Sonoma International Film Festival. We are also a major sponsor.

Spot: “Tipsy”

Agency: ICA
Executive Creative Director: Michael Wilde
Executive Creative Director: Jack Fund

Production Company: Psyop
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Executive Producer: Michael Schlenker
Producers: Cally Morton, Amanda Miller
Assistant Producer: Minh Ly
Live Action Producer: Michael Angelos
Director of Photography: Christopher Gallo
VFX Supervisor: Lane Jolly
Designers: Kenesha Sneed, Jordan Metcalf
Storyboard Artist: Vinny Delay
Lead Technical Director: David Chontos
Lead Compositors: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith
Modeling: Matt Berenty, Aaron Vest
Rigging: Sean Kealey
Animation: Dan Vislocky, Ryan Moran, David Han, Sean Kealey
Texture: Matt Berenty
Lighting: Matt Berenty
Lead Tracking: Mark Lipsmeyer
Compositer: Stephen Holbrook
Lead Roto: Stephen Holbrook

Editorial: Smile Edit
Editor: Brett Nicoletti

Music Company: Changeling Music
Composer: Jamie Saxe
Lyrics by Jennie Chamberlain & Gabriel Lichstein

Sound Mix Company: Lime Studios
Mixers: Lindsey Alvarez, Francine Boucher
Executive Producer: Bruce Horwitz

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