craftdiscoveries: sparklingpants: The cookies ended up exactly matching the cake from Two Little Red Hens.  This made me absurdly happy.  Note the adorable embossed tags Natasha made for the favor bags.  How adorable is this entire thing?!

subtilitas: Wiel Arets – H House, Maastricht 2010. Via Architizer.

bohemea: Natalia Vodianova by Solve Sundsbo, 2002

kateoplis: Soho Synagogue by Dror

bohemea: Tilda Swinton by Bryan Adams

jenrowley: Jen Rowley ||| Redrum Collaboration ||| I’m Part Bunny

partytights: New York fashion week by me.

fmfy: よわよわカメラウーマン日記 – 本日の浮遊 Today’s Levitation

birdwings: curiositycounts: It’s here, Pantone’s color guide for Fall 2011 I need to do a research project on Pantone. All I know is that they are a color-guide. But why? Who cares? What’s the deal? The name makes me think of Pantene Pro-V. Need more information, stat.