Ken Garduno, original painted portraits

Ken Garduno is a freelance illustrator and gallery artist based in Los Angeles, California. His work has been shown in galleries internationally, as well as in various publications, album art, or tshirt designs. Ken Garduno uses acrylics inks and his characters are much detailed and also a bit twisted. Amplify’d from See more at…

(via Kelis : MOGOLLON)

Superstructure (via PLASTICBIONIC ::: Art direction, Graphic Design & Illustration ::: Graphiste Freelance, Nantes)

Mogollon: art direction and illustration

Mogollon is a multidisciplinary art direction studio founded in 2004 by Francisco Lopez and Monica Brand with the objective of joining talents to produce alluring imagery across virtually every platform. Mogollon’s expertise spans in the fields of fashion, music, editorial, magazines, design, films and videos among others. Amplify’d from See more at  …

minusmanhattan: Sprinkles photographed using an electron microscope by Caren Alpert.

andrewharlow: by Lisa Wassmann

joelzimmer: Vespa

thegorgeoushussy: Catherine Deneuve, by Helmut Newton