orientaltiger: Su Blackwell makes storybooks come to life by creating these book sculptures.

DIY: Wrap Bracelets

sunset-vine: Since these bracelets are all the rage right now and seem to be sold at every store I walk into, this is a perfect DIY! All you need is leather cord, a brass ball chain or crystal chain, wax lined cord, and a brass hex nut. Instructions and all other information, including these pictures,…

mrsb2u: How to make these…

edwardianera: Mata Hari, 1900s.

bohemea: Lily Cole: Pantomime – Vogue UK by Tim Walker, December 2004

homedesigning: Industrial Loft

antiquecameras: portrait_hidden 2 (by **Tom French**)

eatsleepdraw: Queen of beasts 2011 Pencil on paper cubistpanther.tumblr.com