The Collaborative Home – 家庭協作消費的訊息圖表

這份訊息圖表(Infographic) 簡單地傳達協作消費的概念,它可以取代傳統的平均家庭消費。協作消費的想法很簡單:使用Internet 的力量,幫助人們分享彼此的東西,降低購買的需求,從而更有效地利用資源。訊息圖表(Infographic) 經常用於討論抽象的事物或觀念,但很少用在日常生活方面的分析。所以這個圖表顯示它實際上在一個鄰里家到底是如何運作。看看這裡:   images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

The Collaborative Home

In highlighting how frequently much of the “stuff” lies dormant, the purpose of this graphic is two-fold— • To show that now we now can share rather than buy (there is a viable alternative to purchasing many of the low-use items in a typical home) • To identify infrequently-used items with a high potential for…

andrewharlow: Vogue Italia June 2007 shot by Ellen von Unwerth with Olya Ivanisevic

suicideblonde: Frances Bean Cobain

idiotandroid: 윤두진_조각 (YOON DU-JIN), Protecting (sic) Body Suit series

Ken Garduno, original painted portraits

Ken Garduno is a freelance illustrator and gallery artist based in Los Angeles, California. His work has been shown in galleries internationally, as well as in various publications, album art, or tshirt designs. Ken Garduno uses acrylics inks and his characters are much detailed and also a bit twisted. Amplify’d from See more at…