pussylequeer: Mona Johannesson photographed by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italia, September 2011

radbones: via siouxzenkang

cumbersomecummerbund: amazzzzinggg *daydreams*

arquitetura-pessoal: dezember-in-london:onlycutes:Sirbonetta

girlyme: (via Critical Creig on we heart it / visual bookmark #7600025)

arquitetura-pessoal: House, Folk Museum by createsimona on Flickr.

arquitetura-pessoal: green lamp on butcher block by omoo on Flickr.

inspirationfeed: Designed by Christy Srisanan and Erick Barrios | Country: United States

inspirationfeed: Designed by Rise Design Office | Country: Japan

scissorsandthread: Brooch Bouquet | Bridal Guide Isn’t this stunning?! One thing I find sad about wedding flowers is that you spend an insane amount of money on them and you don’t get to keep them. This is a great alterative – pretty and romantic, plus you can do as they have done in the article…