Mini Diana

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Diana Mini

Diana Mini

The tiniest Diana of the family packs a big punch! Using 35mm film, you can shoot two film formats – gorgeous retro squares or fantastic half-frames. Cute and convenient!

Diana Mini White

Diana Mini

The Diana Mini gets minimalist with a clean coat of white. It packs the same Diana Mini features that you love, in a new bright white outfit.

the Diana Mini Flash Package
Diana Mini Flash Package White

Introducing the Diana Mini Flash Package, the cleanest and freshest Diana Mini camera and flash combo – Simple to use, minimalistic and equipped with loads of analogue features you’ll love!

the Diana Mini Petite Noire & Flash Package

Diana Mini Petite Noire

The Diana Mini Petite Noire & Flash Package emits a classic, mysterious vibe with its sleek look while giving you convenient 35mm half-frames and squares.

Diana Mini En Rose & Flash Package

Diana Mini En Rose

The Diana Mini En Rose & Flash Package: Extra-sweet and charming in its rosy pink colour, this little plastic camera takes lovely 35mm pictures, and allows you to shoot in two formats – square or half-frames.

Diana Mini & Flash Package ” Love is in the Air” 

Diana Mini & Flash Package “Love is in the Air”

The sweet and petite Diana Mini gets a little sweeter with this Valentines Day edition camera! Prepare to be swept off your feet with this 35mm little darling!

Diana Mini JIYU – Freedom

Diana Mini & Flash Package “JIYU - Freedom”

The Diana Mini JIYU symbolizes freedom and has a delicate charm with its floral design and clean colours. It uses 35mm film that can be processed anywhere and produces beautiful square or half-frame photos.

With the camera and flash combo you are ready for Diana Mini shooting whatever the conditions. Plus, with the flash’s colour gels you have the option to add crazy shades to your half-frames!

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