mounts: desmemória M.R.H [unmemory M.R.H] (by luc/SA ….. [lucas simões])

highlikefashion: Magdalena Frackowiak wearing Viktor & Rolf photographed by Josh Olins for Dazed & Confused

philo-sofia: Bernadette Pascua | Decade Diary

Two Years of Tiny Knitting: an Interview with Anna Hrachovec

Back in 2009, Anna Hrachovec figured out how to knit a tiny brain. That little project touched off a two-year Tiny Challenge: Anna created a new tiny design every weekday for the first month, and then continued with a new design each week after that. As of today, she’s still challenging herself to come up…

Top 5 Kitchen Table Must Haves

Your table, let’s admit it, isn’t always the most visually exciting part of your home. Let’s help spice it up a bit shall we? Amplify’d from See more at See this Amp at iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

suicideblonde: Lily Cole photographed by Miles Aldridge