Honor Spring/Summer 2012 Sponsored by NARS Spring/Summer 2012 –Make-up Artist James Boehmer



Make-up Artist: NARS artist James Boehmer

Inspiration the look: Dolls… The doll you want to play with’

Using NARS products….

Designer Giovanna Randall collection is very girly this season. “So I decided to go all the way and make it ultra feminine, but also with something slightly ‘off.’ I had a vision of creating an army of angry dolls that had been played with too much, not precious dolls that sit on a shelf.” The look is reminiscent of Penelope Tree, and Catherine Deneuve,” said James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry. “The eyelashes are messy and drawn on, with a lot of mascara. Everything else is perfect – the skin is porcelain, and the lip colour is like lips that have been bitten using Valparaiso Pure Matte Lipstick – which is new for spring 2012!  The key to the look is really the lashes. When you think you’ve got enough mascara, add two more coats.” NARS used a range of products to create the eye look. So I have provided a list below of the products.

What NARS products were used on the eyes:

·         Santa Monica Boulevard Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

·         Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil

·         Rue Bonaparte Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

·         Douceur Blush

·         Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara

·         Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara

Question round with James Boehmer!

What is your best make-up product in your Make-up kit?

NARS Black Moon eyeliner pencil- It’s so versatile

What is your best make-up brush in your kit?

NARS Yaticho blush brush

Best make-up Tip?

Have fun! There are no rules when it comes to make-up. Make-up is a reflection of your own sanity.

Tips for Make-up artists in the industry?

Do as much as you can! Always be open to learn new things, and don’t be afraid to experiment with make-up.. It can always be wiped off.

My Verdict:I can’t say anything more than I love twiggy from the1960s and I felt this look reflected this era a lot, but with out the heavy contouring on socket line. Great look and I think us girls could pull this look off on a night out. If your daring?!

More Blogs to come from the MAC shows I did today….



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