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After being away in New York Face On Magazine (Make-up Magazine)  , summer edition was waiting for me at home which had one my food project images in there ‘Chocolate & Orange’s’ The magazine included a write up of the inspiration and the story behind the project. They also included a step-by-step instruction guide how I created this look. I have added the step by step guide for my blog for you guys today so you can see how I created the look. If you would like to purchase a copy of the magazine (which has some great make-up inspiration images) you can purchase online: 



Chocolate & Orange step by step make-up look

> Step 1-
 I began by preparing the models skin with ‘NARS Pore Refining Primer’
 which instantly refined the look of pores, reduced shine and mattified the models skin ready for foundation.

> Step 2-

 I wanted the skin & body to represent ‘the white side of an orange peel’. To achieve a white skin tone I began buffing delicate strokes onto the face and body with Kryolan Ultra Foundation in TV White 2, using a MAC 188 Fibre brush.
> Step 3-
 I contoured in Kryolans Cream Supracolor in 508. I used my fingers to locate the area on the cheeks, under the cheekbones, sides of the nose, temples & alongside the hairline. An Illamasqua Blending brush 11 was used to enhance my models features.

> Step 4-
> Using a small synthetic brush I concealed where necessary in Kryolan dermacolour palette in NR2 to even out the skin tone.

> Step 5-
> To set the base I used MAC Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder to give a silky finish that provided an invisible way to set the makeup using a 187 Fibre Brush from MAC. I Added highlights with a 168 angled contour brush by MAC on the cheekbones, hairline and jaw line using ‘Illamasqua Powder eye shadow in Vapour’ this gave a tangerine highlighted effect to prominent areas.
> Step 6-

 I used real Orange Peel to create the eyebrows; these were gently carved and designed with the models natural eyebrow shape in mind. If you decide to use real orange peel, carve the eyebrows the night before and place in water to keep moist as the orange peel dries very quickly.
 I began by brushing the eyebrows up and outwards with spirit gum until tacky, this acted as a skin adhesive where the real orange peel would stick to the models natural eyebrows throughout the photo shoot. 
> Step 7-

To make my models eyes appear fierce and strong and keeping with the chocolate & orange theme I opted for dark browns and bright oranges to strongly contour and define the eyes. Using ‘Illamasqua cream eye shadow in Inhale & Enhale’ , I applied all over the eyelid area blending outwards with an ‘Illamasqua Blending Brush 1’. The  centre of the eyelid, inner corner of the eyes and the brow bone highlighted with Kryolans Cream Supracolor in 508. I wanted the eyelids to represent ‘melted chocolate’ so with ‘Illamasqua’s sheer gloss in clear’ I applied gently with my finger. Natural fake eyelashes from Eylure were applied to make the eyes look bigger.

> Step 8-
 To create lips that represent ‘Melted Chocolate’ I began by applying a touch of ‘Illamasqua illuminator in Odyssey’ around the cupids bow outer corner of the lips. This gave a light, crisp eye catching effect that defines lips when darker lipstick is applied.
Using a ‘Illamasqua flat eyebrow brush’ I loaded it with ‘OCC Lip Tars in Fondue’ and contoured the models natural lip shape, concentrating on the cupids bow and finally to add high shine and gloss ‘Illamasqua sheer gloss in clear’ was applied in the centre of the lips.

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