Seeing Eye to Eye

I briefly touched upon Eye of the World designs when I rounded up the Best of British open call day at Liberty.   If the BBC2 had made another series of Britain’s Next Big Thing (which featured Liberty’s open call and shot scarf designers such as Richard Weston to national fame), duo Liam Motyer and Hope von Joel would have a great story to tell.  Liam, an ex-primary school teacher who is passionate about woodworking and making things with his hands and his friend Hope, a stylist who started to comission Liam to make things for her shoots came together to form Eye of the World a little while ago.  They then started to create perspex and wooden belt buckles to accessorise knitwear designer Brooke Roberts’ collection.  Now they’ve finding their feet in their particular accessories niche and are on the verge of exploring a multitude of avenues where Liam’s woodworking skills and Hope’s eye can come together, as well as doing an expanded range of belt accoutrements for next season.

When Liam first mentioned that he created most of their pieces at a woodworking workshop in Peckham, I was already intrigued enough to go down to the deep depths of South of the river, which if you know my North London ensconced ways, you’ll know it takes a lot of coaxing to get me down South.  We started off in the lovely Brixton Village (plenty of good eats if you’re stuck for a munchie place) where Liam and Hope have just set up a little design studio…

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