Polygon Chesterfield by Christian Fiebig – 多邊形釘扣沙發

設計師Christian Fiebig 利用數位虛擬技術將經典的Chesterfield Sofa (釘扣沙發)轉化成多邊形(Polygon)型態的三維模型,然後再運用軟體將三維模型攤平成為二維元素。最後透過輸出紙張素材為製作材質,並將其組合成實際成品。 //player.vimeo.com/video/39475448 images and content from: http://www.themethodcase.com iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Seeing Eye to Eye

I briefly touched upon Eye of the World designs when I rounded up the Best of British open call day at Liberty.   If the BBC2 had made another series of Britain’s Next Big Thing (which featured Liberty’s open call and shot scarf designers such as Richard Weston to national fame), duo Liam Motyer and…

Ideas craft para el fin de semana

En el blog urban comfort encontramos una recopilación de sencillos trabajos para hacer con los niños. Seguid el enlace, porque hay más. Ideal para el fin de semana: See more at www.kireei.com iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

~ Paper House Light Workshop ~

Do you have any old books, magazines or photos that are taking up space somewhere and you never get the chance to appreciate them. Why not sign up for a hutch workshop and turn them into a magical light that you can adore every day and night. These hanging house lights are aprox. 7 inches…