Muji:Bath Radio-無印良品:沐浴收音機

一台收音機和一瓶沐浴乳看似無關連,但是如果這二者都可能是我們洗澡時會使用到的的東西時,那它們彼此間是否已悄悄地架起了一道關聯?無印良品這款沐浴收音機就是​​將收音機的物理功能及沐浴乳的情感聯想無縫地結合在一起。這是一個Function and Emotion (功能和情感)的典型成功範例。 images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

3D Print A Pair of Shoes at Home – 在家中列印一雙鞋

你可以想像在家中列印出一雙真正的鞋子嗎?芬蘭設計師Janne Kyttanen 一直致力於推廣3D 列印。 Kyttanen 已經在Cubify (一個線上3D 列印服務) 中開闢市集,你可以自行下載已設計完成的3D 檔案,然後利用Cubify 銷售的3D 印表機CubeX 列印出產品。當然你也能自行透過3D CAD 之類的軟體自行設計商品然後列印或是上傳至Cubify 的網站由它們代印後寄回。 images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Tongue Dog Toy – 狗舌頭 ?

其實是一款給狗狗的玩具,狗狗玩它的時候看起來像不像一個大舌頭阿!整個產品是採用天然無毒橡膠一體成型製成,所以可以放心將它丟給你的寶貝狗! images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Time Your Light – 光之定時器

光之定時器是一個可愛的LED燈的概念設計,它是基於機械動能的原理。藉由定時器的旋轉來儲存能量以供LED燈發亮。它結合了蠟燭及計時器的功能,將可為你帶來更安全,經濟及色彩繽紛的生活。! Designer: Jasper Hou images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

The Littoc Ring – Littoc 環(愛在危機時刻的縮寫)

Another idea from Brandpowder, the Littoc Ring (the acronym stands for Love In The Time Of Crisis) is a little diamond with a lens welded to the ring through a white gold bracket. The lens magnifies the gem with a spark of light that will make it look like the Star of Africa. The right…

Show Me Your Lovely Little (Holiday) Vignettes!

There are so many creative, design-savvy readers on this site, and I want to see what you’ve been up to in your homes! I hope you will share your styling and decorating ideas with the rest of us in the Lovely Little Vignettes group, which is the place to share photos of the small vignettes…

Skull Shaped Speakers Hand-Crafted in France: MinuSkull

Featuring tailor-made components that ensure the best sound quality, the MinuSkull looks fresh and exciting for those who love to be surrounded by interesting objects. Created by the duo design team of Kuntzel+Deygas, the skull shaped speakers were hand-crafted in France and were intended for domestic use only. You can enjoy the quality sound and…


Say what you like about pattern and colour, sometimes nothing quite beats the gloss of a totally transparent home accessory. Minimalists will probably find their hearts racing at the sight of most of these designs, while for others they might just seem too clinical or cold. In any case, the invention of a see-through toaster…