Nike ‘Ballman’ 球人 巨型裝置

Nike 於2010 年針對本屆世界杯足球賽推出了由Ratcliffe Fowler Design 所設計的巨型裝置藝術,一個由將近3,000 多顆足球所組成的作品: ‘Ballman’,於約翰內斯堡市中心的Carlton Centre shopping mall 中展示。 iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Fat Monkey made of Flip Flops – 夾腳拖之路倒小猴

黃色小鴨要游進基隆港嚕!他的設計者,荷蘭的Florentijn Hofman,運用夾腳拖做出來的路倒小猴,也相當可愛阿!…>o<  該項裝置藝術於巴西聖保羅進行,在當地學生的幫助下進行安裝作業。 看!真的是夾腳拖喔…….. 從高空中俯視真是壯觀阿… images and content from: iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Yatzer presents the WE*DO Gallery in Bangkok

What do you get if you cross two brains with architectural, scientific, design, art and entrepreneurship skills in a time of global austerity? Alternatively, what do you get if you take two internationally influenced Europeans with a passion for change and creativity in a time of conservative values and measures? Forget the cries of ‘Yes…

Skull Shaped Speakers Hand-Crafted in France: MinuSkull

Featuring tailor-made components that ensure the best sound quality, the MinuSkull looks fresh and exciting for those who love to be surrounded by interesting objects. Created by the duo design team of Kuntzel+Deygas, the skull shaped speakers were hand-crafted in France and were intended for domestic use only. You can enjoy the quality sound and…

Keret house, soon to be the narrowest house in the world

This house in Cracow, Poland, is about to be built in a quite unexpected place: a tiny space between two buildings. With 122 cm to 72 cm width, it is about to become the narrowest house in the world. Etgar Keret, an israeli writer, will be using it as his workplace and studio for invited…

Bubble Tree – 泡泡樹

這是一種創新的想法。就是一個​​透明的泡沫裡面提供了所有需要的東西,可以讓我們和大自然中的一些美好的瞬間融為一體。它可以當成住所,溫暖且安全,就像泡泡樹。 設計師: Pierre Stephane Dumas iK S’ – ice Kream STUDIO

Interior Design by Flyart Group

Today we’ll show you interesting example of typography. Designers from Moscow based studio Flyart Group has created 3D text “Interior Design”. Modern and minimalist style of the architecture, small rooms inside letters, tiny little chairs and tables, “grass” landscaping show us the meaning of “interior design”. Creative and extremely interesting work! images and content from:…